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    Hello Dudz! In this post you will be generating SEO Meta Tags in your blogger posts. 

Why is Meta Tagging Important?

    Of course, tagging is very important in google search engine. This information may be noticed on web pages in the form of "keywords" and "description" tags. It is also used by search engines to better comprehend the information on your website and to maximize the number of search results that appear. That is why SEO Meta Tagging is one of the most significant sorts of  Tagging.

    SEO Meta Tags became one of the advantages of bloggers/creators to improve their search engine results. SEO can comprehend the purpose of a search query and the terms connected with it.

    In most cases, the first page of your site (ex. will appear in Google search depending on several criteria including:

  • Site's content 
  • Internal Links
  • Keywords
  • Phrases used
  • Usage of Keywords in the site's meta tags.

Definition of Terms

Meta tags are textual tags that appear in the head section of a website. They can be used to provide search engines with more information about a webpage. The title tag, for example, is the tag that appears in the head section and is most often used for the webpage's title; the description tag contains a short snippet of text that conveys a longer description of the webpage; and the keyword tag is used to list the key words that are most relevant to the content on the webpage. Meta tags are used by search engines to evaluate which information on a webpage is most relevant to the search query.

Keywords and meta descriptions are the building blocks of search engine optimization. They are what make up the text of your page, and what the search engines use to determine the content of your page. When writing these two elements, it is important to consider what the search engines want to read, and to include those words in your content. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your content more “search engine friendly”.

Meta tags are tags that are utilized while creating a blog. When you visit a post or another blog post, a tag will be shown on your blog. Meta tags are used to categories your posts and to describe your blog's content, this is a free tool designed to assist bloggers and website owners in understanding the keywords used in their blogs and blog articles. This tool is useful for SEO since it allows you to focus on your keywords rather than the length of your article.

Meta tags are short codes that are used to describe website content. SEO is the practice of raising the amount of people who can locate a website online in order to increase its visibility.

Steps on how to  add meta tags to Blogger.

Create a meta tag using SEO Meta Tags Generator to build your meta tags. 

After you have done creating your meta tags, just copy the generated file and go to Blogger dashboard and select "Template" from the drop-down list for your blog

For the older style, click "Design" for the blog you are working on. 

Click "Edit HTML" from the list along the top of the Design section. A large text field appears with your blog code in it. Check the "Expand Widget Templates" check box above the text field to show all of the code for the template your blog is using.

Find the head section of your blog. You need to place your meta tags in the head section of your blog template. The easiest way to do this is to locate the closing </head> tag. You can use your browser's "find" tool to do this by pressing "Ctrl-F" or choosing "Edit" and then "Find" from the browser toolbar menu. Enter "</head>" (without quotes) and press "Enter" to find it in the HTML code. Place your cursor before the closing head tag.

Enter your meta tags. Copy your meta tags from the text file you created by selecting the code and pressing "Ctrl-C" or "Edit" and then "Copy" from the menu in your text editor. Go to the point you placed your cursor at in the Blogger HTML code and paste the meta tags by pressing "Ctrl-V" or choosing "Edit" and then "Paste" from your browser menu. Click the "Save Template" button under the HTML text field for your blog. Your blog template will be updated to include the meta tags.

How do I write a meta tag for SEO?

Search engines love meta tags. Meta tags are HTML tags that provide additional information about a webpage or a web page's content. Search engines use meta tags to determine the content of a webpage. If you're writing a webpage or web page, it's a good idea to include a few meta tags.

When writing a meta tag, you want to provide a brief description of the content of your page to help the search engines understand what your page is about. In order to do this, you'll need to create a meta tag line. The meta tag line is a 155 character line that describes the content of your page and helps the search engines identify the topic of your page. Here's an example of a meta tag line for SEO purposes:

When someone is looking for information on a particular subject, one of the first places they'll go is the search engine. Meta tags are the tags that appear in the head section of a webpage and provide information to the search engines so that they can better understand the content of the page and index it more effectively. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to write a meta tag that will help search engines better understand your page, thereby improving your page's ranking in search results. This meta tag will also be helpful for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.

Meta tags are HTML tags used to define a page's keywords and other metadata. They are used to help search engines understand a page's content. There are two types of meta tags: meta keywords and meta description. Meta keywords are used to define a page's keywords and are limited to 100 characters.


Now that You've spent hours writing unique, useful content on your website. Now it's time for you to get some value out of it! One of the best ways to do that is to optimize your pages for search engines, also known as SEO. Now you were be able to generate meta tags easily and let's see if everything will be fine!

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