Is My Website Eligible For Adsense? - Bloggerxpose

Is My Website Eligible For Adsense? - Bloggerxpose
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Hello there, in this post we will see to it if your website is eligible for adsense.

Can You Pass The ADSENSE Test?

Adsense is the perfect option if you want to monetize your content and earn passive income. It’s requirements are pretty straightforward and easy to meet. However, it doesn’t approve certain kind of websites for couple of reasons. In this article, we will find out whether your website is eligible for Adsense and how can you get it approved.

Is My Website Eligible For Adsense? - Bloggerxpose

Is your content original, well written and provide value? If no, you have something to worry about. With thin or low-value content; you will never be approved by Adsense. Make sure you write original and valuable content.

Furthermore, if your answer is yes, you are safe for now and it would be a good idea to check other requirements and make sure you meet or overcome them. Requirements such as:

Legal Pages

To make your website more professional and trustworthy, you are bound to have legal pages to give readers and clients a clear outline for your terms of usage of their informations and other terms

Legal pages are Privacy Policy & Terms of Conditions. These pages are essential when it comes to meeting Adsense requirements. Without these pages, your website is just another new site created by a hobbyist.

Site Navigation

Your content is what visitors come for. They are not there to see your ads or purchase through your affiliate links. They have visited your site to find value and have their queries answered.

What Type of Websites is Best For Adsense?

Well. it is not a matter of what type of websites. It is all about your niche, traffic and content. If you are writing good content on a profitable niche and driving a good amount of traffic; you will surely earn big with Adsense.

How Many Posts are Required for Adsense?

No particular number of posts. It is rather about how valuable your content is. You should be concerned with the value you are supposed to provide and the satisfaction your readers expect to experience once they visit your site looking for help.

How Long Does Adsense Approval Take?

Again, it depends. You might get approved the next day after you apply and in some cases, it takes people weeks to receive any news regarding their application.

Can I get Adsense Approval With Blogger?

Positively yes! Adsense approve blogger sites and some of them are rumored to be earning more even than other sites on other platforms. You just have to make sure you meet their requirements and work hard on your blog.

ADSENSE: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

It is a smart idea to check the eligibility of your site respecting Adsense approval before you get to apply and save yourself pangs of pain and disappointment.

It is no brainer to have your site approved. All it takes is meeting their requirements and acting accordingly. following the tips we hence provided, you are surely to be approved soon.

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