Why Hobby Blogging is Still Relevant in 2022

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 Around a decade ago, it seemed like everyone was setting up a blog so that they could write about their favorite hobbies. From blogs dedicated to sewing and crafting to bloggers interested in everything related to anime, manga, and video games, you could easily find hobby blogs within your niche. Although many of those decade-old blogs now sit without being updated for years, hobby blogging is still quite relevant in 2022. Get the scoop on how hobby blogging is perceived today and learn why it remains going strong.

The Hobby Blogging Audience is Still There

The first reason that hobby blogging is still relevant is that people still enjoy hobbies. Hobby blogging has made it very convenient for newbies to get started and keep more experienced hobbyists connected within their communities online. So, if your hobby is sewing, and you are running out of ideas for new projects, likely the first place you would turn is to all of your favorite bookmarked hobby blogs.

It’s very simple to use
login to easily create and update your own hobby blog no matter your skill level and get started too. So, the long story short is that hobby blogging is still very relevant because hundreds of millions of people stay up to date on the latest news within their niches via hobby blogs.

New Hobbies, Insights, and Communities

In addition to hobbies still being one of the most preferred pastimes of all, some new hobbies and trends have come about. New sports have emerged, and new fashion trends and even musical styles have come about within the last decade. Each new trend or hobby is being promoted heavily, with people stopping, paying attention, and learning about it to see if they too would be interested in participating. Some hobbyists are even starting to create blogs themselves with well-known platforms such as WordPress so that they can document all of their projects. Overall, hobby blogging isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it has only expanded thanks to the internet.

How Social Media and Hobby Blogging are Connected

Now that it seems like everyone has at least one type of social media account, it is not that difficult to see why hobby blogs are still quite popular. Even now, social networks are totally dedicated to hobbyists, such as Pinterest. Some may say that blogging is dead, but that’s not a true statement at all. Yes, hobby blogging has changed, and it might be a lot harder today to find new readers. However, well-established hobby blogs dominated the landscape, as they have accumulated hundreds, if not thousands, of blog posts, videos, and photos over time. Just search for your favorite hobby on Twitter or Instagram, and you will be inundated with links to hobby blogs.

Hobby Blogging, Vlogging, and Tutorials

Most of the time, if you want to find inspiration for new projects, you can find a hobby blog and get some ideas instantly. Even more importantly, these tutorials and project ideas have become incredibly detailed. For example, you can watch your favorite hobby bloggers show you step by step how to build a birdhouse made of matchsticks or see how a dog breeder’s newest litter of puppies is growing up. If you can imagine it, then it is likely that a hobby blogger has already documented it via vlogging, blogging, or tutorials.

Blogging Sponsorships and How It Benefits Readers

There are a lot of conflicting opinions about the proliferation of paid sponsorships in the world of hobby blogging. In fact, being paid to promote products and companies started off as being taboo or even unethical when this trend first began to emerge. Some readers felt that the reviews coming from hobby bloggers might not be entirely transparent or unbiased if they were being paid to write about sponsored companies. While there is a lot of merit to this line of thinking, things have largely changed. Blog visitors have become more skilled at identifying paid reviews that seem biased, and bloggers generally disclose the fact that they are writing sponsored reviews upfront. As a result, many hobby bloggers are now offering discounts on any items they promote, which greatly benefits their readership. Their audience knows ahead of time that they are reading reviews that have essentially been sponsored, while hobby bloggers no longer risk alienating their readers.

Hobbyists are still making and sharing new projects, just as they are also friends with other hobby lovers and working with others in their communities. People haven’t suddenly stopped quilting, or yodeling, or making clothes out of duct tape. So, why would hobby blogs fall out of favor? You can find links to hobby blogs on YouTube channels, where blog authors are able to widen their audiences even further. But, if you want to see where hobby blogs will go, you will need to stick around and see what happens in 2025 and beyond.

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