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Wazzup Buddy! Today, I'm going to show you how to start a free blog.

You want to start a blog, but you don't have a website. What should you do? or do you think it will cost a lot to build a website for your blogs? I'm sure you're in the right place because I'll show you how to start a free blog. It's free of charge! But one thing we should keep in mind is that there are a lot of things to think about when making a blog. What should you think about? Time, hard work, and passion are the most important things to think about.

But one thing comes to mind: can we start a blog without paying anything?

Yes, we can start a blog for free, and I'll show you how. This article is especially helpful for people who are just starting to blog.

So, let's start this step-by-step guide with lots of pictures and videos to make it easy to learn.

So, let's get started (without wasting a second as the world is changing rapidly). We'll talk about some things you should know:

Table of Contents

Free information can sometimes teach you more than $1000 worth of things. So we're going to talk about each topic on its own. If you just want free blogging sites, you can skip over the other topics.

What is Blog?

A blog is a digital version of written content that shows what we like and what we know.

What you write about on your blog will depend on the niche you choose. Blogs are sites that are growing quickly and making money. If we look into blogs in different parts of the world, we will find that they are written about a wide range of topics and in different ways in each country.

Let's talk about blogs now. Don't worry, I know you want to know what a niche is and what kind you should pick.

What is Blogging?

So little is different between a blog and someone who blogs. What is blogging, exactly? — Blogging is mostly used by people who post articles, posts, or other content on their blog regularly. Putting it simply, making posts on your own blog that reflect your interests and knowledge.

I hope you understand the difference between blog and blogging. If yes, that's a very good thing; if no, leave a comment below. Now, let's talk about a small subject, or "niche."

What is a niche? What kinds of niches should I pursue?

A blog's "niche" is simply the focus of the blog. Producing content on a wide range of topics is required. Let's take a look at a simple case to see what I mean.

To put it simply, the phrase designates content that is entirely digital. My digital specialty is in the area of sharing content on this subject. As a kind of digital communication, blogging is very prevalent nowadays. I trust that you now have a firm grasp on the concept of a niche.

Now, let's take a look at some of the most popular, fast expanding niches. I'll give you the five greatest options for niches to choose every time.

  • Tech (technology or digital)
  • Food or recipes
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Health & Fitness

I hope you understand what it means to "really" blog. Then let's give ourselves a round of applause, because this post has won an award. I talk about the top 7 best free blogging platforms that we can use to start our own blogs. Are you all set? We have to move.

Top 7 Free Blog Sites You Should Join

To make your own blog, you also need to know about free platforms. I've found the 7 best free sites to join for blogging. Over the next few weeks, we'll show you step-by-step how to make a free blog, so check them out below.

Note: These blogging platforms have their own subdomain when you start your own blog for free with these sites, which are listed below.

1. Blogger


Blogger is always the first priority when it comes to free blogging. Yes, Blogger allows you to create a free blog within minutes with their own designed templates. As Blogger is a product of Google, people love to create new blogs and post content for free.

Blogger is specifically made for beginners to kickstart their blog and generate some revenue through Adsense. Blogger also allows you to customise your blog through the "Drag-n-Drop" layout section. So, choosing Blogger for your new blog can be very profitable and successful. Ready to create your new free blog? Click the below button.

Start Now

2. Wix


Wix is a free website builder tool that allows you to create new websites for free with a subdomain This website is fully free to manage by yourself, and it has many tools available to make your blog sustainable on various search engines.

Some of the best benefits you get while creating your blog through Wix can be Drag-n-Drop and easily set up management, so you don't need to do much hard work to create a beautiful blog. If you like this platform, click the below button to get started with Wix.

Get Started Now

3. WordPress


WordPress is the first priority website when it comes to creating new websites, blogs, stores, etc. This is because WordPress is the market leader in creating blogs, websites, and e-commerce stores easily through plugins.

WordPress is both free and paid to get started with new sites. Actually, I recommend you choose WordPress because it will help you a lot through the Drag-n-Drop option, Plugins, and Coding Skills. So, get started with WordPress by clicking the below button.

Go to WordPress

4. Weebly


Weebly is an alternative to Wix for creating free and paid blogs, websites, etc. You can easily create your free blog here with a subdomain of and then manage it easily through Weebly tools. It's too simple!

Apart from this, Weebly provides sidebars, media boxes, forms, ad spaces, etc., so that you can easily manage and generate some revenue. I want to try Weebly! Click the below button.

Let's Get Started

5. Medium


Medium is a vital known platform to share our opinions with the whole world with their own subdomain If you want to know the traffic of this site, then it will shock you. Yes, it has over 300 million monthly visitors, so think your blog can be very profitable if you use Medium.

Through this medium, you can easily share blog posts, answer public questions, generate revenue, etc. As a result, we believe that using to launch our new blog will be a wise decision.

Visit Now

6. Ghost


Ghost is another blogging-like platform which you can use to create your own brand new blogs and websites. But installing, running, and maintaining the ghost blogging platform can be risky because it's very confusing. I would not recommend this method.

But, if you're good at coding, then this is too simple to operate and very easy to maintain. You can still try Ghost for your blogging. Click the below button.

Go to Ghost

7. Tumblr


Tumblr is an alternative way to start your free blog easily and maintain it through the Tumblr dashboard. This blogging platform is very comfortable to start with the subdomain, and it can also be maintained through coding. But a beginner can also use this blog site.

Apart from this, Tumblr is very popular among bloggers for sharing blog posts, sharing articles and much more. So, just try it once! Click the below button.

Try Tumblr

I hope you have chosen one of the best blogging sites for your blog for free. If you have not chosen yet, then choose fast and then move ahead to complete your blog and share it with the world.

Now, let's cover how to start a blog for free (in four simple steps). So that you have your own blog to share with the world.

How to Start a Blog for Free (in 4 Easy Steps)

If you choose the right blog site, it's easy to start your own blog. And when you're done, you only need to take four more steps to finish making your own free blog.

If you're all set! Then we can move on to the last four steps of our easy-to-follow Blogging Guide 101, which will help you start your own blog for free.

  • Choose a blog name: Choose a name for your online blog that tells what it's about.
  • Get your blog online: Creating an online account for your blog and getting free hosting.
  • Customize your blog: By choosing a free blog template design and making changes to it.
  • Write & Publish your first post: Share your ideas with everyone else! (Part that I liked best.)(most interesting part.)

If you followed the instructions above, you would have a blog that looks professional and is ready to be shared with the world. The rest of the work in making your blog successful is up to you.


By the end of this article, you'll know how to start a blog for free and be able to do so.

I hope that this free guide to blogging has helped you start your own blog. If you still have questions or doubts, feel free to leave a comment below. I'll soon post an article with tips and tricks on how to start a blog that will help it do well.

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