Compare and contrast a paid domain with a free one

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Hey guys, let's check out this post. If you want to start a blogger, we can run a website with its free, or we can not buy a domain and run a website by paying money. Then we need to see the difference between a complex domain and a free domain.

Custom domain:

In other words, with a custom domain, we pay to buy a website address for us. yourself.

There are many like .com .in. We can buy it from some companies by paying money. There are many companies like Godaddy, Hostinger and NameCheap.

In this case we can buy a .com domain by paying more than 400. This will change in a few months. The domain becomes ours. With it we can transfer this domain to another location at will and that has one good thing, but another.

It's the renewal of the domain. That is, if we buy the domain for a year, we need to renew the domain instead of SPIR. The price will be a bit high.

Free domain (

This free domain name is Blogspot.

com to start a website with Google Blogger. You don't have to pay any money for this. It's good. In addition, it is not necessary to renew it. You can use it for a lifetime.

Your difficulty is lower than your domain. 

Also, it's a bit doubtful that you'll see regular wins. Also, nowhere else can you change the way you think you can. Now you know it's in your hands and not yours. That's it folks.

That's the difference between a fixed domain and a free domain. 

Well, what's the best part? For me, the domain is the best for you. If you want to buy custom domain .xyz .in .

com is the best domain. So if you want to start a blogger, buy a custom domain. Surely you can also earn money on this blog. Congratulations.

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