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Hello there! I hope you are doing well. I'm going to show you a template called Nikk UI Simple & clean Blogger Templates in this post. 

What is Nikk Ui premium blogger xml template?

Nikk UI Bloggers is another fantastic design with a gradient colour scheme. On the home page, you'll find the feature gadget. This gadget is a button link list. On the homepage, you may insert your information or any page link. The storey post widget is then visible on the homepage, along with three posts. When a user hovers over anything and clicks on it, the result is smooth. Without modifying the template style, the most recent article appears to be very clean and white in colour. This template is SEO friendly and loads quickly. This design may be used in any blog category, but it's best for personal portfolios. A Megamenu with a sluggish load effect is also included in this design.

Nikk Ui is the Fastest, Most Compatible blogger template at this time. with an extreme level of Seo Optimisation and Ultimate Adsense Friendly Blogger Template.

Features of Nikk UI Blogger Theme

  1. Google Rich Text Support
  2. Seo Friendly
  3. Fast Loaded
  4. Clean Layout
  5. Simple & Animated Design
  6. Latest FontAwesome Icons
  7. Multiple Languages
  8. Responsive Design
  9. Slider and Animated Gadget
  10. Colors/Layout
  11. New Blogger Framework
  12. SendinBlue (New)
  13. Google Schema Friendly(New)
  14. No Encrypted Scripts
  15. Fast Loading
  16. Unique Featured Posts
  17. Social Sharing Function
  18. HTML5, CSS5, JavaScript, jQuery
  19. Browser Compatibility
  20. Stylish Look
  21. Mobile Friendly
  22. Adsence Friendly
  23. SEO tags & Advance

Free Download Nikk Ui Blogger Template

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