AdSense Displaying Automatic Payment Pending Bank Transfer to Bank Account: Fixed!

AdSense Displaying Automatic Payment Pending Bank Transfer to Bank Account: Fixed!
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AdSense Automatic Payment Pending: What to do Next?

Still showing pending transfer? Aren't you receiving confirmation email about your payment from Google?

Its already 26 of November, but still pending, What should I do?-Jack

It is so frustrating that we as bloggers/vloggers experiencing like this.  It is so very unusual that we as a publisher didn't received payments form google. 

AdSense Displaying Automatic Payment Pending Bank Transfer to Bank Account: Fixed!

Based on the Google Adsense guidelines, payments issues payments to publishers on 21st of every mond and the payment is credited to the account of the costumer via wire transfer in 1-3 days. At first, I am so very excited to received email for the confirmation stating that the payment was already issued and even the adsense account continued showing the balance as it showed before 21st. I have been using Adsense wire transfer since then. Almost every month, I got an email from Adsense on 21st, stating "We've sent you a payment".

But now, I am quite nervous because I did not received a payment confirmation from Google Adsense yet. So, I conduct research on what is the possible issue on why this statement is showing "Automatic Payment Pending: Wire transfer to bank account" and I get a positive response from other publishers/bloggers with the same issue.

Is AdSense Automatic Payment Pending: Wire transfer to bank account"? What should you do?

According to (1) If your account says automatic payment pending and shows your account number with it, it’s completely normal and that means, your payment has been approved and is in process of being sent out as a wire transfer. (2) Adsense processes a huge volume of transactions every month and it keeps a time frame of 21st to 26th to process all payments. (3) So, there are healthy chances that your payment might not get processed on the very first day, i.e. 21st of a month. You might need to wait till 25th-26th to see the payment status changed to We’ve sent you a payment. (4) At times, the payment might also get delayed if there’s a weekend or any other holiday on 21st or around it. In that case, your payment will be processed on the first or second working day after the holiday.

We also wrote an email to the google technical support and I quote "There has been a delay in paying off our site, but our engineers are already working on this vulnerability and this should be repaired soon. As soon as I learn something new in this matter, I will write to you right away.' I know it something happens with Google adsense, the delay is not about the holidays, last month 21 was on Sunday I also received an email from google adsense about releasing the payments, so they pay also on Sundays.

Final Words

Unfortunately we have recognized a delay in the November payments for all publishers and our payments engineers are working hard to send your payment as quickly as possible.

Many of the clients facing the same issue and have already fixed without sending problem issue on google support group and got already received email that they have already received payments. 

I hope that this post will answer your queries about the pending automated payment! So no need to worry. Just keep calm and relax. 

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