ARBITRAGE, Is it Good or Bad on Adsense Policy? The Unbiased Facts

ARBITRAGE, Is it Good or Bad on Adsense Policy? The Unbiased Facts
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How does AdSense work, and what is it?

Before a website owner can look into AdSense arbitrage, they need to know what Google AdSense is and how it works. Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows websites, blogs, and YouTube videos to show ads.

ARBITRAGE, Is it Good or Bad on Adsense Policy? The Unbiased Facts

Trusted advertisers can put their ads on a site using AdSense. Then, when someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser gives the publisher a certain amount of money. The people who own the website get 68%, and Google gets 32%. So, if an advertiser pays $1 per click, the web page owner will get $0.68 and Google will get $0.32.

AdSense is simple to use and is free to sign up for. Businesses that use Google's AdWords program make the ads, which are put on a web page by a piece of code in the head section of the HTML for that page.

But Google will only let publishers sign up if their sites get enough traffic. This is why AdSense Arbitrage traffic is so important for small websites that don't get a lot of visitors.

Is Adsense Arbitrage Allowed?

According to Platinum Product Expert of Google and I qoute "If you were to see signs of success, almost inevitably you would run into invalid traffic problems -- because your methods of drawing 'cheap' traffic would presumably involve spammy email or social media marketing (paid Google Ads advertising would be wildly risky and expensive). The traffic bots would catch up to you.

Also, your efforts to "game" the system would be difficult to set up in the first place -- because if you really expect to be approved for AdSense these days, your site would need to be appealing and suitable for solid organic (natural) traffic. If you have that traffic, of course, you wouldn't need to engage in arbitrage.

As a rule, if you need to pay for traffic, you probably have a site that shouldn't have AdSense in the first place."

How does AdSense arbitrage work?

AdSense arbitrage is when a publisher uses paid ads to get people to visit their website so they can click on AdSense ads and make money from those clicks.

The most important thing for publishers to know about AdSense Arbitrage is that for the strategy to work, their AdSense ad revenue needs to be more than their initial investment in traffic.

Is AdSense Arbitrage Illegal?

Even though there is still some debate in the digital advertising industry about whether or not it is legal to use AdSense arbitrage traffic to make money from a site, Google does not think traffic arbitrage is illegal. In fact, their monetization and ads policy makes it clear that publishers can promote their sites in any way that doesn't break the rules of the program. But AdSense publishers are in the end responsible for how many people click on their ads.

This is where things can get tricky, especially for publishers with little experience who may have bought their visitors from sources they can't trust.

Even though they don't look like it, some of these services send fake traffic to websites. Click bots are often used by these services to generate clicks and impressions so that their customers can get the amount of traffic they want. Because of this, Google strongly advises its clients to be careful when working with traffic services from companies other than Google.

Google also has a helpful guide that tells people who want to send paid traffic to their site what to look for in a provider.

A lot of traffic from bots

Getting traffic from paid providers can lead to good traffic, but it also comes with risks that are the publishers' responsibility to reduce.

If there is a lot of bot and fake traffic to an AdSense account, which leads to invalid clicks on ads, the account will be closed.

Made for AdSense (MFA)

In the same way, sites that are clearly "Made for AdSense" (MFA) are more likely to be rejected or have their account shut down quickly.

MFA sites are apparent to spot. They are poorly made, have little content that is interesting or useful, and give users a bad experience overall.

How to Drive Traffic to a Website for AdSense Arbitrage

There are two ways for websites to get people to visit them: free traffic and paid traffic. As we've already talked about, AdSense arbitrage means buying that traffic. Even though there are some risks, it is a much faster and easier way to get people to visit a site.

If a publisher wants to buy web traffic, they can choose from the following options:

Source: Facebook

If you want to buy good website traffic, Facebook is one of the best options. But since almost 75% of Facebook traffic comes from mobile devices, the site needs to be mobile-optimized to make the most money.

Source: Taboola

With the rise of content advertising, traffic sources like e-books, blogs, online courses, and case studies are growing. Publishers who want to use AdSense Arbitrage can get help from sites like Taboola. Taboola lets publishers send their content to a specific audience, which leads to a higher CTR in the long run.

From RevContent

Like Taboola, RevContent is a great way to get paid website traffic. It gives you control over how content is promoted, lets you target people based on the device they are using, and lets you work with reputable sites that are close by.

How does making money with AdSense arbitrage work?

Once paid traffic is sent to a site, it should lead to more ad impressions, higher click-through rates (CTR), and more money made through the ad network.

Price per click (CPC)

Most publishers will measure their investment in AdSense arbitrage by the cost per click (CPC). For example, if AdSense pays an average of 50 cents for a click on an ad from the US, the publisher just needs to make sure that they are paying less for their traffic arbitrage, like 2 cents per click.


But you should look at more than just CPC. You should also look at page revenue per thousand impressions (RPM). This can make it easier to see how much money is being made, especially with traffic arbitrage.

CPC will affect AdSense RPM. Google says that to figure out RPM, you divide your estimated earnings by the number of page views, impressions, or queries you got and then multiply by 1000.

By knowing their RPM, publishers are better able to figure out how much they should pay for traffic in order to make money from their website. Paid traffic and affiliate marketing can also help publishers make a lot of money.

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