Can ChatGPT compete with Google?

Can ChatGPT compete with Google?
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Many bloggers have an argue with the issues on the rise of ChatGPT! Can do bloggers threaten in such a way that AI like ChatGPT can replaced google as a source of information?

Can ChatGPT compete with Google?

What is ChatGPT?

According to pocket-lint.comChatGPT is the latest to come from the GPT family of text-generation AI systems, a project from the OpenAI foundation. You may have heard about its previous project, GPT 3, which worked more like DALL-E for text, generating words based on a prompt such as "write me a poem about Kanye West."

ChatGPT works more like an instant messaging service, and as the name suggests, it allows you to chat with the GPT AI in real time. Those of a certain age might remember SmarterChild on MSN Messenger or AOL. This is a lot like that, except that it works incredibly well now.

OpenAI said upon announcement, "the dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests."

The system is free for anyone to access during its "feedback" period. After which, OpenAI plans to use the user-generated feedback to improve the final version of the tool.

A limitation of the current system is that it doesn't have access to the internet, so you can't ask it things that you'd normally use Google Assistant or Siri for. If you ask ChatGPT about the weather, it replies:

"I'm sorry, but I am a large language model trained by OpenAI and don't have the ability to access current weather information. I'm not able to browse the internet or access real-time data. I can only provide information based on the text that I've been trained on, which has a fixed cutoff date. Is there something else I may be able to help you with?"

ChatGPT is quite good at self-censorship and prevents itself from providing fictitious accounts of events, it's still possible to get these falsehoods in your replies, but ChatGPT will warn you that it's fictional before continuing.

Can ChatGPT really challenge Google?

There is definitely no way this AI can compete with Google. Google is not a n ordinary Tech company, they have archived so much that  no one can fathom.

We all know AI Tech will keep advancing, but that doesn't mean Google will be stagnant too (Olamide, 2022). Now that Google has seen a potential competitor, I'm sure they won't just sit and watch.

So basically, Can AI tool like ChatGPT would replace Google LLC? which is made of many components including search engine, advertising platforms, cloud platforms, operating systems, satellite, GPS maps, analytics, video platform, email and messaging platforms, Storage systems, GTranslate, Blogger, Docs, Forms, Workspace Duo, Meet, to mention a few.

Let me give you an illustrative example! The keyword "Calculator" has a 16.6 million of views monthly search volume on Google search for just the US? Meaning that millions of people prefer to use the online calculator on Google Search rather than the ones installed on their phones.

Are you aware that Advertising accounts for the majority of Google's revenue? 

Yes, that's correct. Now, do you think one of the AI company can just come to ruin their business? No, it is not possible, I repeat it possible. 

ChatGPT is even on the Google search engine.

This particular google made it popular via their platforms. Youtube, and co.

This AI can't vanquish Google. The reason google keeps dominating the internet is because of how consistent, and rigid they are in terms of its policies. Google doesn't stay in one place, it was easy to manipulate Google search engine before. That tons of low-quality websites will be ranking.


ChatGPT is just like a trend that will later die down. Google is not a thousands of dollars company but billions of dollars.

Google isn't just about SEARCH. There's much more.

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