Google AdSense Sites Management Changes Coming March 20th

Google AdSense Sites Management Changes Coming March 20th
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 Google AdSense is updating the Sites page, where you define which sites you want to monetize using AdSense. The updates are coming on March 20, 2023, and include a redesigned Sites page and some changes to the rules on how site management works.


Google said, "The Sites page is the starting point for anyone who wants to monetize a new site in AdSense. Starting March 20, 2023, we're redesigning the Sites page to be more user friendly and making some important changes alongside the new look and feel."

Here is what the update will look like:

The most noticeable change here is the "approval status" and "ads.txt status" columns, along with the delete icon in a table view.

Going forward, Google said you will only be able to add the following as "sites" in AdSense:

  • Domains (e.g.,,
  • Subdomains whose domain is listed on the public suffix list (e.g.,
  • Sites that are managed by AdSense platform partners (e.g.,

But you won't be able to add or manage subdomains that are part of an existing site on your Sites page.

Google said that "any existing subdomains in your account that belong to a site will be removed." "This will not impact ad serving or your earnings," Google added.

The blocking controls you set on the subdomains will be moved up to the domain level. "Any existing blocking controls for a subdomain (as defined above) will be promoted to the domain level. For example, if you have blocking controls configured for and, the combination of those settings will be applied to," Google wrote.

source: adsense by google

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